H-City: urban landscapes of communication and exchange

H-City: urban landscapes of communication and exchange

Transform’s contribution to the FEIDAD Award on Digital Architecture 2000.


‘The main framework of the project is connected to the concept of the H-city. H-city has been in the making since the sixties, with the planning of the motorway system parallel to the main railway lines. It has been an issue in all general development schemes in Denmark ever since. Often with a focus on how it to deal with the distorted map of Denmark that pops up as a consequence. However the real potential in the concept became clear to everybody in 1998, with the opening of the Great Bell-Bridge. This 18 Km’s of infrastructure more than doubled the amount of traffic travelling from East to West-Denmark, from 2.8 to 6.5 million cars. The “H” includes the 5 biggest cities in Denmark.’


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01/06 2001


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