Reiulf Ramstadt Architects

Reiulf Ramstadt Architects

The work of Reiulf Ramstad Architects is blessed with a self-explanatory vigor. The intensity and beauty of the work does not require any guiding description to be fully appreciated. The idea behind this book is therefore not to explain the work — but rather to explore. I want to lead the reader around an architectural universe where pictures and drawings speak for themselves.


With no expounding storyline or guide through this architectural journey, I decided instead to include a narrative positioning system. Two people whom I highly respect agreed to help me triangulate the architectural universe explored. As a remote satellite, Dutch architectural historian Hans Ibelings reflects on the mediated significance of RRA’s work (including this book). Seen from a regional perspective, Carsten Thau, Professor at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, traces the work within a specific Nordic perspective. My own essay, in turn, deliberately avoids any objective distance. My relationship with the work of RRA is passionate. I’m not trying to justify any personal preference — my endeavor is primarily to share a passion. Those interested in more comprehensive insight “behind the scenes” at the office can read the conversation at the end of the book, where technical and more specific information regarding the individual projects is also listed.


Read Karsten R. S. Ifversen’s review in Politiken here (in Danish).


The book is sold out from the publisher. Download pdf version of Boris Brorman Jensen’s portrait of and conversation with Reiulf Ramstad from the book.


02/07 2013