Mockup City

Mockup City

Booklet on Roskilde Festival as a temporary urban community with stories and facts from the 50-year history of this annual music event. Concept and editing: Emilie Kofoed, Boris Brorman Jensen, May Køster and Signe Brink Wehl. © 2023 Roskilde Festival Group.


The story of a temporary settlement that is Denmark’s fourth-largest city for eight days a year. A huge logistical achievement that contains virtually all the elements of a conventional city as full-scale, functioning mock-ups: large open spaces, small in­timate meeting places, funky niches, recrea­tional landscapes, cultural monuments, bedroom communities, assembly halls, eateries, emergency rooms, shortcuts to romantic encounters and prototypes of future urban furnishings – physical settings for new ways social interactions that have yet to emerge. The festival is the biggest Mockup City in Denmark, if not all of Northern Europe.


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27/06 2023


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