What is Archicomic?

What is Archicomic?

Boris Brorman Jensen was involved in the exhibition ‘Yes is More’ behind the scenes and was therefore not able to review the exhibition. Nevertheless, the magazine Arkitekten asked him to revisit the exhibition and share his impressions of BIG’s latest solo exhibition at DAC (Danish Architecture Centre).


‘Most architects know from experience that the true existential story behind architecture is rarely told, because the process is usually much too prosaic, too incoherent and too un-heroic to general widespread excitement. Creativity’s struggle with reality and the idiosyncratic twists and turns of the creative process usually do not work very well as an authoritative explanation. All the unforeseen choices and comprises that have to be made along the way are often perceived as an obstacle to idealistic aspirations. BIG’s exhibition marks an attempts at revealing the tumultuous conditions that architects actually work under.’


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01/05 2009


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