What’s New?

What’s New?

Boris Brorman Jensen in a conversation with Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl and Kolja Nielsen, AKA CEBRA, in their second portfolio publication marking the office’s tenth anniversary and five years of production since the publication of CEBRA Files 01.


‘… we have done a number of new projects since the publication of CEBRA_files_01, and in the process we’ve gained a new consciousness about our own production. The first book was a bit like a manifesto where we tried to get our ideas out in the world. To a certain degree, we have been successful with this and that’s why we feel that it’s now time to add some form of consideration that provides a better understanding of our background. We’ve started to realize that the form universe that unites our projects is more complex and different to how we first thought when we started out. Many of our former projects have changed status because we can now see them in a wider perspective.’


Download a pdf of the article or visit archdaily and read their review of CEBRA Files 02.


20/09 2011


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