Conditions no. 11&12 edited by Conditions, Terroir & Boris Brorman Jensen served as the ‘… catalogue for the Danish pavilion of the Venice Biennale, documenting and presenting a context for the exhibited works, but also an odyssey in the sense that it is neither revealing nor providing solutions. It offers different perspectives and insights into challenges. We try to communicate a kaleidoscopic document to offer an impression of the situation today. The goal of the publication has been to provide a platform for debate, supporting the continuous dialogue needed to shape the future Greenland.’


Essays and interviews in the catalogue by Boris Brorman Jensen can be downloaded separately below.


How I met The President of Inatsisartut, in Conditions, no. 11&12, pp. 40-43.


Independent From Whom? in Conditions, no. 11&12, pp. 28-39.


From Cold War to Arctic Battle? Interview with Arctic Ambassador Klavs A. Holm, in Conditions, no. 11&12, pp. 88-91.


Why is Transparency Greenland Necessary? An Interview with Anders Meilvang and Anne Mette Christiansen, in Conditions, no. 11&12, pp. 28-31.


Move On! An Interview with Olafur Eliasson, in Conditions, no. 11&12, pp. 246–255.


Organizing Hope, An Interview with Mayor Simon Simonsen, Asii Chemnitz Narup & Herman Berthelsen, in Conditions, no. 11&12, pp. 192-195.


Download a pdf of the entire Possible Greenland Catalogue 2012, and read more about the exhibition at DAC’s website here.


01/02 2012


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