The East Jutland Million City – Denmark’s second metropolitan region

The East Jutland Million City – Denmark’s second metropolitan region

Does the East Jutland Million City even exist? Well, maybe – at least, the concept is now part of the narrative about Danish nature and landscape in the 6th edition of the topographic atlas Trap Danmark. The short section on Denmark’s second metropolitan region was co-written by Boris Brorman and Tom Nielsen with competent guidance from chapter editor Gertrud Jørgensen.


Trap Danmark is a 34-volume publication that describes Danish nature and landscape, society and culture and each of the 98 municipalities. The publication of the 6th edition began in 2015 and will be concluded with two additional volumes about Greenland and the Faroe Islands in 2022. Trap Danmark can be accessed online at


‘In the two volumes on Denmark as a whole, 20–30 selected experts per volume, totalling just over 500 pages, present (…) factual knowledge in numbers, historical and analytical descriptions and assessments of the Danish national mind and the nation’s position in the world. This presentation culminates with a text by the American political scientist, philosopher and professor at Johns Hopkins University Francis Fukuyama on the ideal of “becoming like Denmark”.’

Morten Mikkelsen, Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish newspaper)


07/09 2022


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