The prelude to the breakthrough

The prelude to the breakthrough

The book ‘The new wave in Danish architecture’ presents a number of Danish architectural offices including BIG, JDS, COBE, TRANSFORM, NORD, EFFEKT and ADEPT. These firms do not represent a coordinated, unified movement, but their projects do, however, hold several remarkable similarities: a new pragmatism and a new willingness to enter into a dialogue with the world, a fresh approach and a straightforward rhetoric. A break away from the old, which is evolving into a new wave.


Boris Brorman Jensen´s article ‘The prelude towards the breakthrough’ is a revised edition of an earlier article in the magazine ArkitekturDK. The article lists common establishing conditions and academic breaking point in the 90s, which shaped the portrayed offices and created the basis for what is referred to as ‘The Danish Wave’ outside Denmark.


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03/09 2012


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