Duck in the landscape, aesthetics and production ethics

Duck in the landscape, aesthetics and production ethics

In the future, Denmark will make its living based on a more progressive use of resources, good design and sustainable energy – it’s called Reputation Design.


‘On May 6, 2002, the Dutch sociology professor and political comet Pim Fortuyn was shot outside a radio station in Hilversum. It was a murder that st10cked Holland and its political liberalism, and was an event that radically changed the political scene in the country. Pin1 Fortuyn was assassinated by an animal-lover activist. in protest against Fortuyn’s far-reaching proposal to reorganize Dutch farming. Fortuyn had publicly argued that animal and vegetable production should be systemized and reorganized in far more rational and compact units so that Holland could liberate some of its scanty landscape for other purposes. Among other suggestions, Fortuyn had warmly supported MVRDV’s project “Pig City”.’


Read and download Boris Brorman Jensen’s article in the themed issue of Arkitektur DK about modern industrial architecture here – and see the article about aesthetics and production ethics in an earlier issue of Arkitektur DK here.


01/05 2006


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